Our Mission

Communicare’s main aim is to offer as many languages as possible under one roof. After all, the Czechs believe that:  you live one life for each language you speak, and it would be boring to live only one life, wouldn’t it?

The name of our cultural centre partly  represents our aim, with Communicare meaning “communication” in Latin, a language that many European languages originate from such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, German etc.

However, our teaching is not restricted to European languages. We also teach our mother tongue – Konkani, and a variety of other Indian languages.

In today’s world, learning a language is more comprehensive than just learning to frame sentences. It also involves the different cultures present of these countries.

Our Organisation

Communicare Trust has been in function since 2005. It started as a language institution where we taught people and especially children the importance of languages and culture. Over a period of time, parallelly we started focusing on the burning social issues such as waste management. So we started collaborating with a lot of organisations and schools to spread awareness about the same. We have worked with organisations like NASSCOM and Toxic Links to spread the message of EWaste. However languages have been our first love has always been languages and hence we have always curated programs that would meet our original mission.

Over a period of time we have created theatre plays, musicals, workshops and story books involving 3 continents.

A detailed report of the same available on our website www.ctngo.org

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