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Kalakriti - Story Book for Children
Kalakriti - Story Book for ChildrenKalakriti - Story Book for Children
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Kalakriti - Story Book for Children

Product Description

Communicare Trust as an NGO has been functioning in Goa for the past 11 years spreading and teaching various languages and cultural diversity. Besides our mission we have always been trying to educate and make people aware about the major problems we have been facing. One of them is the rising issue of Garbage in our locality. 

“Kalakriti- Where Stories Come to Life” is Communicare Trust’s take on creative learning.

Through this project we aim at spreading awareness about waste management and sensitizing

students across all the age groups through imaginative thinking.The idea behind the initiative

will be creating socially responsible citizens in the future and in the process evoking creative and

illustrative skills of the young minds of the society. The process involves the collaboration of

students from different age groups andgiven its multidisciplinary nature, the project aims to

promote group learning and team work between groups and cycles, strengthening the ties

between students, blurring the role of authorship in favour of creative cooperation.


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